Internal Linking Automation

Boost your SEO with AI-powered internal linking.

How it works

1. You provide URLs and target keywords.

2. We find untapped internal linking opportunities.

3. You get plug-and-play links and anchor text.

Who we work with

We help publishers, affiliates, and marketing teams that need an ongoing internal linking solution.

Powered by Google Search

Google Cloud

Our tools are powered by OpenAI and Google Search.
Ensuring scalable next-level relevancy.

  • High contextual relevance using search operators.
  • No links that you already used.
  • Plug and play anchor text recommendations.
Google Cloud

Our proven track record

We work with over 150 brands on a monthly basis to keep their internal link profiles strong.

Case Study 1

This company saw a % increase in traffic with internal links.

Case Study 2

Internal linking helped boost traffic for an e-com store.

Case Study 3

An increase of x keywords in the top 3.

Meet our team

We’re a remote team based out of a Country.

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